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The art of intentional living

Jen is a children’s book author, certified coach practitioner, professional organizer, and busy mom of 4. She is passionate about living our lives in a very intentional way, and believes that starts in the home. Jen believes the family unit (whatever form that looks like to you) is so important, and feels that it’s a true privilege to be able to help provide a calmer and more organized environment for that unit to thrive in.

“I was that weird kid who got so much pleasure out of an organized pencil case, closet, and desk, and I still do. I strongly believe that a cluttered living environment can lead to a cluttered mind, emotions, finances, relationships, etc…, so by removing the physical clutter, we can make space in our lives to feel calmer on all fronts.”

Jen and her team provide a supportive and compassionate approach to their organizing, while helping their clients let go of all the “things” that are keeping them from living their best lives, in and out of the home.

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